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Marine Boating

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Cruising on the open seas in small boats is fast gaining a reputation as a novel form of recreation. Though this sport has been around for several years, its popularity has increased by leaps and bounds in the past few years. Today, there are hundreds of tour operators who offer guided and unguided boat voyages, especially along coastal areas of the United States. These areas include the eastern, southern and western coasts.

Small sailboats are adequate for marine boating if the voyage is short. However, on longer voyages, people prefer larger boats such as yachts. Most marine boating expeditions last a day, weekend or a week. Some Longer voyages are called cruises and have a guide, crew and chefs on board.

Boats used for marine boating must be constructed of sturdy materials. They can be as small as 24 feet long and can be as long as 70 feet or more. They are made of specially designed waterproof wood or fiberglass. They must be spacious enough to accommodate people and supplies. Bigger boats have provisions for fishing equipment. Luxury boats may have dining areas, pools, and other amenities, tables and chairs, a bar, a television and such other amenities.

Safety is a major concern in marine boating. Lifesaving devices such as life jackets, inflatable rubber floaters, rowboatsComputer Technology Articles, etc. are compulsory gear on board. It is also helpful if everyone aboard knows how to swim. Coastal authorities have lifeguard posts at all prominent cruising spots and there are also Coast Guard and police boats cruising the seas in small boats in case of any calamity.

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