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Living the American Dream from the Deck of a Sailboat

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Living the American Dream from the Deck of a Sailboat

The Great Outdoors is a powerful lure for Americans who have a long history of enjoying an open and moving frontier. This sense pervades the scheduling of days off, long weekends, and much appreciated vacation time as Americans take to the open road for hunting, fishing, and camping opportunities. For some however, thoughts of ending the outdoor excursion to return to their squalid apartment are untenable, and they are searching for any chance they can to extend the holiday.

For the nautically inclined, moving that apartment dwelling to the deck of a sailboat is the best way to get the best of both worlds, which offers a lifestyle options that offers unparallel access to the great outdoors that you love so much, but successful boat dwellers have prepared themselves mentally for the transition.

Manage Your Expectations

The internal picture of leisurely sailing your particular favorite stretch of waterway, whether it be river, lake, reservoir, bayou, or coastal area might have cast a romantic aura of leaving the problems and sounds of civilization behind as you slip anchor, but that idealized image often wars with the uninitiated who have to settle down to live in such a confined space.

Romantic sunsets and exotic vistas quickly give way to the realities of living onboard with zero privacy, cramped quarters, flooded bilges, and the pervasive smell of mildew. Additionally, once you have committed to the onboard lifestyle, you will notice a marked drop in socialization options with friends and family. If you are the type who demand human interaction, the isolated lifestyle of living on a home that has its own moat might prove too isolating for many to enjoy.

Space is at a Premium

What often keeps many people from realizing their nautical dream of living on a sailboat is fear of shedding the clutter and detris of their life. Indeed, we live in a culture of accumulation, so the notion of shedding those possessions is counter intuitive to what we have come to expect as acceptable societal behavior. Live aboard dwellers understand and appreciate this distinction, and are ready to drop the extra accoutrements of society for the freedom that is emblematic of the American dream.

Marine Gear you can Trust

Once you have bought your sailboat, the process of outfitting it to your exacting standards becomes a labor of love for some, and an excruciating financial burden for others. Just like the proclivity to inure yourself to offshore living, you need to expect that your upkeep and maritime toys will keep you on your financial toes. Partnering with a supplier you can trust guarantees to eliminate the hassles and minimize the expense of operating your maritime home. Here at americanboatoutfitters.com, we specialize in the delivery of a full range of marine gear that ensures you will be sailing with all the requisite equipment to travel safely and comfortably in your new aquatic home.

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